Art-residence is an international platform for art and culture professionals that allows residents implementing their creative projects in the premises of the Social and Cultural youth center of the Sortavala town.

Art-residence stays in the center of Sortavala, in the historical building – the architecture monument wherein the Social and Cultural youth center (the municipal cultural body) is situated. Address: Sortavala, Karelskaya str. 22.

About a town

Sortavala is a town in the Republic of Karelia located on the shore of Lake Ladoga — the biggest lake in Europe. The town has got a regular ship line to the island of Valaam and neighbors on the territory of the National Park “Ladoga skerries”. Sortavala is a town , possessing unique cultural heritage, history and landscapes. Ground of this uniqueness lies in location of the town in the frontier area, the town was under the reign of Sweden (1617–1721), the part of the Russian Empire (1721–1918) and independent Finland (1918–1940), on different stages of its history. Architecture monuments erected upon designs of well known Finnish architects at the end of XIX– beginning of XX centuries, represent variety architectural styles starting from national romanticism to functionalism. The town has played the central role in development of a cultural movement like karelianism. Those were the times when ethnographers, linguists and painters studied and described cultural traditions and landscapes of Karelia during their travels. Names of well-known cultural luminaries and travelers-researchers.
Karelskaya str. 22
Space of the art residence are premises with 40 sq. m. area on the ground floor of the Social and Cultural youth center with the separate entrance from the yard (the building has got its own courtyard on the shore of the Lake Ladoga). The residence has got a living room, a working zone, a kitchen and a sanitary room.
- The kitchen is equipped with all necessary facilities and utensils.
- Shower and toilet.
- The working zone is equipped with a notebook and installed software like Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro.
- There two single beds in the living room. Internet access is available.
- Number of persons that can reside is 2.
- Cinema and concert hall, exhibition hall, vocal and choreography rehearsal rooms and cafe are in the building of the Social and Cultural youth center.
- Within walking distance there are a library, a musical school with ceramic studio and an etching press, the land-history museum of the Northern Ladoga shore.
Operational profile of the art-residence

Programmes of the art-residence “Sortavala” focus on studying local area and local context. The art-residence pays special attention to art initiatives of young art luminaries. Art residence positions itself as a space for cross disciplinary activities, opening capacity for studying in different aspects with the help of - art methods (painters, photographers, illustrators); - complex methods (performing, site specific art, theater, dancing, open air). Art-residence sets a mission not only to reside art people but to form alternative local centers of knowledge and experience in social and art field; the resident must be ready for that his study results will be used in projects of the art-residence in the format chosen by him (arrangement of an exhibition at the end of the work or implementation of the project together with other painters or visitors, or participation in educational programmes etc.). Art-residence will facilitate integration of painters’ work into local cultural environment, and subject to need, undertake: - arrangement of permissions to visit objects, that are interested for the resident; - transfer services within Sortavala region (upon agreement); - arrangement of contacts with local mass media, TV, experts and local communities; - arrangement of exhibition facilities in premises of the Social and Cultural youth center, in the courtyard, and in premises of the youth center partners; - communication with the Karelian art-residence network.
How to apply for participation and assessment procedures

The annual contest of applications and online application shall be in the WEB page. All applications are evaluated by the Expert Council of KARN. The Council takes into consideration interests and inquiries of residences and also evaluates the quality of the submitted application in reliance not only on general trend of the topic announced in the terms of reference, but also local projects of art-residence network. Decisions on awarded residents are taken by the art-residence managers whereto the application is submitted, with due consideration given to the opinion of Council. Awarded Participants are provided with free of charge accommodation in art-residences for implementation of the project idea.

Duration of stay in the art-residence

is limited from three weeks to three months

Payments that are to be done by the art-resident

- transfer to Sortavala and back
- issue of the passport and visa
- meals
- consumables
- cover of transport expenses in case of required trips while staying in Karelia, is to be settled with every art-resident personally

Working language of the art-residence is

English and Russian
How to reach the place

by train Daily trains Moscow–Petrozavodsk–Moscow (train stop in Sortavala). Morning and evening train “Lastochka” Saint Petersburg–Sortavala–Saint Petersburg. Passenger train Saint Petersburg–Kostomuksha–Saint Petersburg (train stop in Sortavala) that passes two times a week by Wednesdays and Fridays.

by air Regular flight Moscow–Petrozavodsk (1,5 hour en route). Then by train or by bus to Sortavala (4-6 hours en route)

by car Comfortable highways link Sortavala with Petrozavodsk, Leningrad oblast’, Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Helsinki. Distance from Moscow to Sortavala is 973 km., from Saint Petersburg — 259 km., from Petrozavodsk — 247 km. From Finland to Sortavala you may drive 24 hours a day, through the Multidirectional Automobile Border Crossing Point Niirala–Vartsila (56 km., from Sortavala)

by bus Bus lines function from the bus terminal of Sortavala to Petrozavodsk and regions of Karelia, Saint Petersburg, Leningrad oblast’ and Joensuu (Finland).

Manager of the art-residence in Sortavala: Ekaterina Kulieva