Art-residence is an international platform for art and culture professionals. Art-residence is located in North-West Russia, it stays in Petrozavodsk the capital of the Republic of Karelia. Petrozavodsk lies on the shore of lake Onego, 1091 km to the North from Moscow and 412 km to the North-west from Saint Petersburg.

History of the place

Mining settlement titled Petrovskaya Sloboda that located the around state-owned weapons plant laid the groundwork for Petrozavodsk. The plant was founded in 1703 at the behest of Peter the First, in the mouth of the Lososinka river. there was built new cannon upstream the Lososinka river In 1774 at the behest of Catherine the Second. The plant was named Alexandrovsky after knyaz Alexander Nevsky. Upon establishing the plant Petrozavodsk was incorporated as a town, and in 1784 as a principal town of the province.

One of two premises of petrozavodsk art-residence stays in the city center, two-storeyed building, the architecture monument of the second part of the 18th century. The complex of buildings for administration of the Alexandrovsky cannon plant was designed and built “with compasses” on this square. There are 8 stone administrative buildings of the plant designed in the Russian rural classicism. The monument of the Peter the First – the city founder was erected in the center the square in 1873, at present the monument stays in the quay of lake Onego. After the revolution of 1917 the monument of Peter the First was dismounted and in the same place there was erected the granite monument of Lenin in 1933.

the square is a historical place, filled with ideas and dreams, stories and legends of many generations of people. Monuments of Peter the First once stayed in the square, and Vladimir Lenin that is still seen from the windows of the art-residence, as a visible incarnation of these ideas and dreams about new Russia.
Anokhin str.1
Art-residence “Petrozavodsk” is situated in two places of the city.

The first place is a single room flat with floor-space of 26,6 sq. m., on the ground floor in a multistoreyed dormitory in the city center (Anokhin str.1). The premises has got a living room, a kitchen equipped with all required devices and utensils, shower room and a toilet. Spouses or 1 person may reside in this flat at the same time.
Lenin sq. 2a
The second place — the main one is a stand-alone outhouse in the round square staying in the historical part of the city (Lenin sq. 2a). Structure of the building has got a tower concept: vertical stairs links all rooms of the residence from the basement with a kitchen, toilet and shower, up to living rooms on the first floor. The working rooms are on the ground floor, there are video studio with a small equipped showroom, rooms for editing and sound record. The total floor-space is 104 sq. m.

- Mini-kitchen equipped with all necessary equipment, shower, toilet.
- Working space with a PC and light and video equipment.
- Living space with 1 double bed and 1 single bed.
- Books, discs, WI-FI.
- Number of persons that can reside at the same time is 2 persons or spouses and 1 person.
Operational profile of the art-residence

Art-residence “Petrozavodsk” focuses on cooperation with artists thinking over issues of future and present world order in the genre of utopia, where fantasy performs as a norm of cogitation, practice and as a method for perception of the real world through ideal worlds of fantastic ideas about future, or on the contrary, searching for ideal in the far past. It is obvious that alongwith positive utopia, dreams about desired future there might be a critic of utopian models , and even negative utopia (anti-utopia — warning), drawing not a beautiful future, but the future which we must try to escape. Petrozavodsk art-residence allows painters work on ideas and projects, using digital technologies like animation, photo and video, computer generating, audio, and also use different combinations of techniques and technologies.
How to apply for participation and assessment procedures

The annual contest of applications and online application shall be in the WEB page. All applications are evaluated by the Expert Council of KARN. The Council takes into consideration interests and inquiries of residences and also evaluates the quality of the submitted application in reliance not only on general trend of the topic announced in the terms of reference, but also local projects of art-residence network. Decisions on awarded residents are taken by the art-residence managers whereto the application is submitted, with due consideration given to the opinion of Council. Awarded Participants are provided with free of charge accommodation in art-residences for implementation of the project idea.

Duration of stay in the art-residence

is limited from three weeks to three months

Payments that are to be done by the art-resident

- transfer to Petrozavodsk and back
- issue of the passport and visa
- meals
- consumables
- cover of transport expenses in case of required trips while staying in Karelia, is to be settled with every art-resident personally

Working language of the art-residence is

English and Russian
How to reach the place

by train Daily trains Moscow–Petrozavodsk–Moscow. Morning and evening train “Lastochka” Saint Petersburg–Petrozavodsk–Saint Petersburg, and the daily night train. Another variant to reach Petrozavodsk is to travel by trains to/from Murmansk.

By air Regular flight Moscow–Petrozavodsk (1,5 hour en route). Airport is located within 18 km from Petrozavodsk.

by car Comfortable highways link Petrozavodsk with Saint Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Moscow, Minsk and Kiev. Distance from Moscow to Petrozavodsk is 1 091 km., from Saint Petersburg — 412 km. From Finland to Petrozavodsk you may drive 24 hours a day, through the Multidirectional Automobile Border Crossing Point Niirala–Vartsila (256 km from Petrozavodsk) or through the Border Crossing Point Vartius–Lutta (510 km from Petrozavodsk) since 8 am till 10 pm.

by bus bus lines function from the bus terminal of Petrozavodsk to all regions of Karelia, Vologda oblast’, Leningrad oblast’, Novgorod oblast’, Saint Petersburg, and Joensuu (Finland).

Manager of the art-residence in Petrozavodsk: Varvara Feklistova