Cross border cooperation project “Karelian art-residency network and art-tourism“
Art-residence network provides russian and foreign artists with a chance to work on the projects in the framework of international art exchange programme by visiting one or some places of Karelia and using rendered services and facilities of residences.
Description of residences’ locations

Republic of Karelia is a subject of the Russian Federation, belongs to the North-west federal region. The capital is Petrozavodsk. Western border of Karelia coincide with the State Border of the Russian Federation and Finland. Karelia has got the border with Archangel oblast’ in the east, with Vologda and Leningrad oblast’ in the south, with Murmansk oblast’ in the north. The state language is Russian. Karelian, Finnish and Veps languages receive state support in the Republic. Karelian network includes art-residences in Petrozavodsk, Sortavala and in the area of the Kostomukshsky nature reserve. Every residence has got its own thematic profile and concept criteria.
Art-residence “Petrozavodsk”is housed in the stand-alone two-storeyed building of 1775 year built (cultural heritage object) in the historical part of the city, in the centre of Petrozavodsk (Lenin square 2A).

Art-residence “Petrozavodsk” focuses on support of painters and creative groups , their interests aim at design, forecasting and visualization of new types of forms for alternative worlds and realities, consideration of time role in contexts of utopian images. Thus the art-residence is conceptual incarnation of the whole network of art-residences — the space created by expectations, dreams, fantasies of creators about ideal place on the earth for immersing into art. “Petrozavodsk” art-residence is a part of the media center “Vykhod”, the subdivision of the Center of folk art and cultural initiatives (republic institution of culture).
Residence is located in the centre of the town, on the shore of Lake Ladoga — the biggest lake in Europe. It resides in the historical building — the architecture monument and it is a subdivision of the Social and Cultural youth center(the municipal cultural body). Art residence positions itself as a space for cross disciplinary activities, opening capacity for artists to study and create in social and cultural environment of Sortavala.
Art residence locates in Federal state-financed organisation Kostomukshsky nature reserve — the natural protected area that is in the North west Russia, close to the boarder with Finland.

Art residence “Kostomuksha” provides the well equipped house for work and live, that stays in the lichen pine forest on the shore of a small lake. This art residence located in wilderness performs special interest for artists dealing with hybrid arts tied to environmental issues and experiments in the area of science art.
Karelian art-residence network consists of independent places united by the common ideology for creating comfortable environment for art people in the North. Cooperation between Karelian art-residences is governed by the Council of KARN, that is convened whenever required, but at least twice a year.

The Council is authorized to issue application schedule for visiting art-residences, acquaintance with submitted applications, development of expert report. This expert report whereto it has been forwarded, is of advisory nature for the art-residence manager. The Council coordinates network activities, takes care of the service quality, and supports the most perspective project ideas of co-workers and authors.

The Council of KARN defines themes, concepts, trends for common work within certain time (2 years), thus optimizing resources and giving the scale of common projects and events for this period.

The Council develops and implements common big projects aimed at promotion of professional art and development of new forms for recreation and professional services in tourism based on art and social projects created in residences.

When developing new, art-tied services for tourism, the Council functions wider, involving specialists from tourist sector of economics.

Once in three years Karelian network of art-residences makes the common exhibition-presentation of its achievements showing success of certain residences, both Karelian and their partners from other regions or countries. Exhibition of Karelian network of art-residences is planned to be a road-show and will be presented in all places of the network.