“Kostomuksha” art-residence is a special programme of the state nature reserve “ Kostomukshsky”. Objectives of the reserve are protection of the territory, scientific research, ecological education and arrangement of educational tourism. Art-residence is a part of the department for ecological education, educational tourism and support of the main activity.

Description of the destination

Territory of the nature reserve “Kostomukshsky” lies on the inclining hilly plain, its present view has been formed by tectonic activity and glacier processes. There is a big number of tectonic faults and their beautiful canyons with rock exposures grew over with primeval forests. About 12% of the area are covered with wetlands. There is abundance of rivers and lakes (over 200) mostly of glacial origin. The biggest and most picturesque are Kamennoe lake and river Kamennaya with 15 rapids. Scenery is of a great variety, from thick dark stands of spruce and light pine forests to vast wetlands.

Different models of ecosystems like wetlands, primeval forests, areas with unique mosses and lichens, pine forest, lakes are located within walking distance from the art residence.
Art residence “Kostomuksha” provides the well equipped wooden house for work and live, that stays in the lichen pine forest on the shore of a small lake. Its floor space is 113 sq. m. The house has got two twin-bedded rooms, a hall with an
integrated kitchen, a big sun-lounge — workshop for work with oils and paints and graphic materials, and a small sun-lounge combined with one of the sleeping room.

- Electricity, two wood stoves.
- Kitchen equipped with the gas stove and utensils.
- Biotoilet and sauna near the house.
- Big place with lake view, firewood shed.
- Number of persons that can reside at the same time is 4 persons.

Mandatory condition: periodical inspection of the nature reserve guide and obligatory fulfillment of personal safety and rules relevant to the reserve area by the resident.
Staying in residence is allowed since March till October. Short day light and low temperatures in spring and autumn must be taken into consideration.
Operational profile of the art-residence

Special interest for this art residence perform creative people dealing with hybrid arts focused on observation and study of processes running in wild nature and also on innovative processes in culture and art. The nature reserve is interested in projects about space and images of the nature reserve.
Participants for the art residence might be:
- painters and scientists working with environmental issues in their widest variety (living environment, eco-systems etc.);
- painters, writers, composers making training and educational programs, referred to living nature; this residence perfectly suits to painters-graphics, painters of children's books, whose art might be used by the nature reserve for its work with children and family programmes;
- designers working with scientists in science design; - photo, video, cinema artists directly tied to science, educational programs and to special topics or themes in art;
- writers, composers, collecting materials for their work and preferring lonely creative life.
How to apply for participation and assessment procedures

The annual contest of applications and online application shall be in the WEB page. All applications are evaluated by the Expert Council of KARN. The Council takes into consideration interests and inquiries of residences and also evaluates the quality of the submitted application in reliance not only on general trend of the topic announced in the terms of reference, but also local projects of art-residence network. Decisions on awarded residents are taken by the art-residence managers whereto the application is submitted, with due consideration given to the opinion of Council. Awarded Participants are provided with free of charge accommodation in art-residences for implementation of the project idea.

Duration of stay in the art-residence

is limited from three weeks to three months

Payments that are to be done by the art-resident

- transfer to Kostomuksha and back
- issue of the passport and visa
- meals
- consumables
- cover of transport expenses in case of required trips while staying in Karelia, is to be settled with every art-resident personally

Working language of the art-residence is

English and Russian.
How to reach the place `

by train Passenger train Saint Petersburg–Kostomuksha–Saint Petersburg. Passenger train Petrozavodsk—Kostomuksha—Petrozavodsk.

by car Distance from Moscow to Kostomuksha is 1495 km., from Saint Petersburg — 896 km., from Petrozavodsk — 490 km., from Murmansk — 499 km. From Finland to Kostomuksha you may drive from 8 am to 10 pm through the Multidirectional Automobile Border Crossing Point Vartius — Lutta (35 km., from Kostomuksha). Distance from Kostomuksha to the art-residence is 23 km. , 19 km of the soil road by car and 4 km by foot. On the way there is a boat crossing point over the river Kamennaya. There is a snowmobile transfer In March and April.


Manager of the art-residence in Kostomuksha: Nina Tarkhova nina.tarkhova@mail.ru